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FastSize is recognized as the leader in penis extenders. With CE certification and a successful customer base, FastSize is a high quality extender that is successfully proven to enlarge any man’s penis. This extender applies a gentle, constant stretch to your penis, causing your tissues to regenerate and multiply, effectively increasing tissue size and blood flow capacity. Use an extender every day, and see your penis grow longer and thicker. The results are real and the device is proven by customer testimonials and the support of leading urology doctors. FastSize is the only penis extender proven to add inches to your penis and correct penile curvature. Download the clinical proof.

FastSize Before/After Photos

Scott Green saw results in just 2 months with FastSize. He states, “I’ve gone from 5 inches erect to almost 6 in just 2 months!” Scott is just one of many men enlarging their penises successfully. FastSize is backed by positive customer feedback. Best of all, it’s proven to work.

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FastSize extender can be worn anytime (even during sleep), comfortably hidden under your pants. The device is clinically proven to add inches to your penis, and the results are guaranteed. In addition to thousands of men who talk about their gains in the community forums, FastSize is backed by:
  • before/after photos showing gains of customers
  • CE Certification as a Medical Penis Enlargement Device.
  • doctors who report the gains of their patients using FastSize
  • 1 Year Guarantee of replacement for any defects
  • 6 Month Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
I highly recommend FastSize for its solid reputation, proven track record and remarkable results. If you’re looking for a penis extender proven to add length and thickness to your penis, FastSize is the #1 choice. For this month only, FastSize is offering $50.00off any extender system when you buy using the coupon code FD50. See the pic below:

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25 thoughts on “FastSize”

  1. I’m pushing 7 inches now! I wish I hadn’t wasted money on prosolution pills – should have jumped on fastsize when i first saw it. THIS WORKS!

  2. I think the exercises wouldn’t do much without the extender device. I measured a 1.4 inch gain in 2 months today, but i mostly just used the extender

  3. No shit… actually longer. I’m glad they include a measuring tape cuz I just found out I’m .6 inches more of a man already. Win.

  4. I hate wearing this thing but if you don’t mind that it works i guess.. gained half an inch this month. thicker too.

  5. i worked at it with the fastsize system for 6 weeks to date and lemme tell you i almost gave up 2 weeks in… but that would have been a big mistake. Today i measured total gains of .7 inches length) and .4 inches girth (YES! what i’m after). I’m alot longer when i’m soft now too but i do’nt care about that as much as my girth gain.

  6. for real. i almost didn’t buy it cause i had doubts. im glad i did though because it’s been 4 weeks and i’ve gotten harder, thicker and longer. my girl noticed i’m bigger too, which boosted my confidence

  7. My girlfriend can’t get enough of it! I tried all the pills and the results were small and didn’t last.

    I’ve been using the fastsize device for 2.5 months and I’m an inch bigger and a quarter of an inch thicker. I feel like a big weight has been lifted.

    Fastsize is the best investment i’ve made in my package and it’s all i’m gonna need, finally. My girlfriend loves it. I feel sorry for guys who are like I used to be. They should try this!

  8. Great product. First extender that I try and so far seems to do it all. Very satisfied by the new size and strength of my package. I am able to last longer too. Great stuff!

  9. believe me man she’ll feel you’re bigger and be so excited about it. i’m definitely bigger and longer all around after using the extender for 5 weeks. best of all she doesn’t know I’ve been using it! lol

  10. Nice, order tracked all the way to my house, and it got here in 2 days. My gains haven’t been that fast tho hahhaha!! I think this is gonna take a while cause it’s been 2 weeks and I’m 0.3 inches longer when erect. looks/feels bigger but not measuring any girth gain yet

  11. I’ve gotten a stellar response from my g.f. since I started using the extender… She used to be so quiet in bed, but since I got longer and thicker, she’s fully loud and I feel like the man for once. this is great!

  12. Dear support,

    I’ve been using FastSize extender advanced package for 3 months and I would like to express my gratitude formally. Today I measured my penis length increased from 5.6″ to 6.3″ erect. Girth increased by .7″ as well. Please pass along my story as I hope to inspire others to improve their lives like i did. Thanks for this great product.


  13. I must admit the promises looked dodgy to me, but then I was willing to try anything to get a bigger penis. My lack of prowess had become a standing joke, so I bought the FastSize package. You know what? Now all my buddies want it too – two months in and I’m already plenty bigger! FastSize is well worth the money, believe me!

  14. You probably don’t believe the claims of rapid penis enlargement that all the products in the market say they give you, but I tried FastSize and in three months have seen almost an extra inch on my penis length. To me, a man who has always been on the small side, this package is an absolute Godsend – try it and see for yourself.

  15. Here’s some sound advice – don’t believe a word about the others, try FastSize! I’ve played with every penis enlarger known to man but this programme is the real deal; three months down the line and I’ve put on just over an inch and my confidence has grown by much, much more! It’s a great deal, the best penis enlarger on the market right now by far!

  16. What can I say about this brilliant penis enlarger but that it has completely change my life? In gaining over an inch – in just a few months – and adding stunning stamina I have gone from being the runt of the litter to the one who gets the girls – and pleases them no end! Try this absolutely brilliant penis extender – it’s called Fast Size and you will not be disappointed!

  17. I know you won’t believe me but please, if you are lacking confidence thanks to a small dick then try Fast Size….I was that man before but now the girls can’t get enough of me! It really is a penis enlarger that works and must be the best on the market –I’m glad I tried Fast Size and it has saved my love life!

  18. My member increased by 1.5 inches! Thankfull! I was so ashamed I was seriously considering giving up on sex.

  19. What really sold me on this product was the 6 month money back promise. I figured that if it works that would be awesome and if it didn’t I could always get my money back. It worked so I don’t have to worry about that now. I’m noticably bigger.

  20. Tried this for 3 weeks. It made me bigger and more aggressive with sex. My girlfriend likes the size difference but not the mood change. I like though.

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