How Penis Enlargement Works

How Penis Enlargement Works

Many men suffer from a less-than-average penis, which is dramatically detrimental to their overall confidence, both sexually and socially. It is much more difficult for a smaller penis to bring women to ultimate satisfaction, as it requires both the proper length and girth for a woman to orgasm. For any relationship, a smaller penis size is an emotional and physical hurdle to cross.

Whereas many men believe that they must suffer through their life with a small penis, there is something you can do to take the size matter into your own hands. Through scientific developments and clinical research, medical professionals have discovered effective ways to help increase a man’s penis length, girth, and overall fullness.

Separate the poor quality phonies from the real methods

Many men worry that penis enlargement products will not deliver results, or worse, cause harm to their sex organs. This is an understandable concern. There are many companies that offer products that are poorly made with cheap materials. There are even more companies that make unreasonable claims that their products simple cannot achieve.

It is necessary to understand how penis enlargement works in order to determine which products are best for you. Increasing penis size is medically possible, proven by clinical research, and it does not require expensive, painful surgeries either. Penis enlargement devices, pills, patches, and exercises have been proven to produce real, long lasting enlargement results in many men.

Medical basis and scientific development

Legitimate products approach penis enlargement from a medically sound perspective. Extensive research goes into making devices, pills, patches, and exercise programs that produce results. However, the basics of penis enlargement are not secrets. People have been using devices, herbs, drugs, and exercises to change the sizes of body parts for thousands of years.

Enlargement devices: stimulating growth with traction

Penis enlargement devices use the method of traction to increase the length and girth of the penis. Traction has been used by tribal cultures to perform body modification since before recorded history. For example, the women in African and the Amazon dramatically elongate their necks through tight necklaces that cause traction. Traction has also been used by many of these cultures to increase the sizes of earlobes and lips. Today, medical professionals also traction to treat the skin of people suffering from burns.

Using the same biological underpinnings, traction is effectively used to increase the size of the penis, which can have tremendous impacts on your sex life. This is a medically sound approach to penis enlargement, and it can work for just about anyone.

Penis enlargement devices are attached to the penis to stimulate growth. They gently stretch the penis, which causes small amounts of breakdown in the penis tissue. When this happens, the body is prompted to produce more tissue to compensate for the break down. Often, the body overcompensates in order to not only replace the tissue, but add additional tissue (similar to a broken bone having a larger bone mass and density). This process increases tissue bulkiness, leading to enlargement of the length and girth of the penis. The most effective penis enlargement devices have been scientifically designed and are considered Medical Class 1 devices that comfortably and safely increase the girth and length of your penis.

Typically it takes about six months to see maximum results, with some devices producing increases from 30% – 44%. The longer you wear the device, the faster and bigger results you will see.

Penis enlargement pills, patches, and exercises

Penis enlargement pills and patches work in a slightly different way. These products contain natural ingredients that stimulate the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which is where most of the penis’ tissue capillaries reside. It is the part of the penis that becomes engorged with blood when men are sexually stimulated. The ingredients in the pills and patches generate increased blood flow to the spongy tissue. This causes the small caverns in the tissue to expand and stretch more than they normally would. While this stretching does not produce any permanent changes when it only happens occasionally, permanent increases in penis length and girth can be achieved by using the products regularly.

It is important to purchase products that are manufactured by reputable, medically driven companies that only use the highest grade ingredients. With many scams on the internet, it is critical to differentiate between the frauds and those that will safely generate longer, thicker results. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to contact you doctor before you begin taken any supplement regiment. While the ingredients in most penis enlargement pills and patches are safe for consumption, there are always special circumstances that should be considered, if you have any particular medication conditions.

Penis enlargement exercise programs work in ways that are similar to pills and patches. In fact, many men choose to use the exercise programs and pills or patches in conjunction with each other to produce maximum results. Exercise programs are safe and effective when their instructions are followed precisely. The exercises increase blood flow to certain parts of the penis, which causes the tissues to expand and enlarge over time. Ensure that you conduct your research and select a penis enlargement exercise program that has a good reputation to effectively lengthen and widen your penis.

Many men feel that they are stuck with the penis that they are born with, but this is simply not true. By using penis enlargement products that have proven to be safe and effective through years of research and use, many men have found that they can have the penis that they have always wanted. Increased penis size can lead to increased self-confidence, which makes sex more satisfying for both you and women. It is not necessary to suffer the effects of a small penis when there are so many reputable products available that can increase your size and sexual performance, prompting women to come back for more!

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